Protocols Of The Kingdom's Crusade

Unitas ad Finem

'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'


The Kingdom’s Crusade is a formidable campaign spearheaded by KNG Nation, aimed at eradicating child slavery and trafficking. 

This initiative mobilizes a comprehensive approach encompassing stewardship, intelligence, direct intervention, rehabilitation, and logistical support to combat these heinous crimes. The crusade unites a network of verified operatives (Sword) for frontline action against trafficking networks, while providing crucial care (Shield) for survivors through post-rescue services.

The Kingdom’s Crusade is a moral imperative, rallying humanity under the banner of justice and compassion to end the scourge of child slavery and trafficking in the name of Christ, thereby safeguarding the dignity and freedom of the vulnerable.


Our vision is to embody the compassion, justice, and righteousness of Christ’s ministry, bringing light to the darkest corners of oppression. We strive to be His hands and feet on Earth, tirelessly working to uplift the oppressed, heal the broken, and restore hope.


The primary objective is to conduct a relentless and comprehensive campaign aimed at the complete eradication of child slavery and trafficking. This initiative is committed to deploying all necessary resources and strategies to systematically dismantle these evil practices globally and establish a world where freedom and dignity prevail for all.



The Kingdom’s Crusade operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, guided by a Board of Governors responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and governance of the organization. This board ensures adherence to the mission of eradicating child slavery and trafficking, managing resources effectively, and maintaining transparency and accountability.



This select group is tasked with the strategic direction and global advocacy of the Crusade’s mission to combat child slavery and trafficking. Members are distinguished by their commitment to embodying the role of ambassadors to foster worldwide support and action for this critical cause.



The Crusade Council stands as the strategic heart of the Kingdom’s Crusade, uniting private sector leaders, military and law enforcement veterans, and representatives from the world’s largest Christian denominations. Members are selected for their ability to significantly contribute expertise, resources, and influence, and are pivotal in driving the Crusade towards the eradication of child slavery and trafficking. 



Structured for scalability and independence, designed to operate both autonomously and collaboratively. With divisions such as Command, Stewards, Intelligence, Sword, Shield, and Logistics, each plays a pivotal role in executing the Crusade’s mission, leveraging leadership, strategic planning, resource allocation, and united commitment to eradicate child exploitation globally.



The Crusade operates a range of initiatives, from public awareness campaigns to educational programs, ensuring that the message of The Kingdom’s Crusade reaches diverse audiences worldwide. Through strategic communication and community engagement, the Outreach Ministry plays a crucial role in rallying support and fostering a worldwide commitment to combat child slavery and trafficking.



Akin to a “Skunk Works’ ‘ lab, assembles Christian scientists, engineers, programmers, and innovators handpicked through KNG’s Church Partners for Strategic Technology Development. This elite group is dedicated to pioneering advancements that empower the Crusade’s mission, leveraging cutting-edge technology to combat child slavery and trafficking. 

When Fighting Evil, Be Prepared For War

We’ve seen the truth of the Epstein saga, Evil has embedded itself in the highest halls of government and power across the world. We embark on this Crusade under no false pretense of the battle that awaits us.


Corruption In Government

Those that protected Epstein and covered up his crimes and death cross party lines and extends to “Royal” families.


Corruption In Justice

Failures of the system are by explicit design to cover up the participation of those in power.


Failure In Morality

The American people have chosen to ignore the issue and focus on political differences instead of protecting children.