Your Gift, His Grace

We believe in the power of collective action to foster impactful change. Our array of programs is designed to address diverse needs within our communities and uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our programs aren’t just initiatives; they represent a shared vision and commitment. By engaging with KNG Nation, you become an integral part of a movement dedicated to creating a world where compassion, faith, and service intersect.

10K+ Families Helped

KNG organizes and mobilizes the body of Christ into a self-sufficient and expansive operation that leverages market forces to build a post-scarcity world.

Shine A Light

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Together we are able to change the course of history and bring light to a world being engulfed in darkness.


Human Trafficking

KNG will lead the fight to eradicate Human and Child Trafficking across the globe.


Techno Ministries

Modernizing and connecting the body of Christ through the distribution of free technologies


Child Literacy

From A to Z, reading, writing, math, and financial literacy, every child deserve the tools to succeed.



Building the world where all Christ’s children’s needs are met and bringing Glory to His name.

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