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The Board of Governors, is the central pillar of the Crusade and is composed of influential figures, including a permanent seat for KNG founder Adel Sayegh

This select group is tasked with the strategic direction and global advocacy of the Crusade’s mission to combat child slavery and trafficking. Members are distinguished by their commitment to embodying the role of ambassadors to foster worldwide support and action for this critical cause.

Election Cycle

To establish a sustainable leadership structure for the Board of Governors within the Crusade Council, a 10-year service and election cycle is proposed:

  • Terms: Each Governor serves a 5-year term, with the possibility of re-election for one additional term, ensuring fresh perspectives while maintaining continuity.


  • Election Cycle: Elections are staggered; every two years, a portion of the Board is up for re-election or replacement, preventing complete turnover at any one time.


  • Permanent Seat: The founder, Adel Sayegh, holds a permanent seat, providing consistent vision and leadership.


  • Contribution and Engagement: Eligibility for election requires proven dedication to the Crusade’s mission, including expertise, resources, and global advocacy efforts.


  • Transition Period: Incoming Governors have a 6-month overlap with outgoing members for mentorship and knowledge transfer, ensuring seamless transition and sustained momentum towards achieving the Crusade’s goals.

Revocation Of Governorship

Reasons for stripping a governor of their title and office, in line with moral and Christian accountability, might include:

  • Violation of ethical standards or legal misconduct.

  • Failure to uphold the mission and values of the Crusade.

  • Misuse of position for personal gain.

  • Neglect of duties or responsibilities.

  • Actions that cause significant harm to the Crusade’s reputation.

  • Persistent lack of contribution or engagement with Crusade activities.

  • Conduct unbecoming of a leader in a Christian organization, including actions that contradict Christian teachings on integrity, humility, and service.

Process To Revoke

To ensure transparency, democracy, and fairness in the process of removing a sitting governor from the Board, the following steps are proposed:

  • Petition for Review: A formal process allowing members of the Crusade Council to raise concerns about a governor’s performance or conduct.

  • Investigative Committee: Formation of an impartial committee to investigate the claims, ensuring due process.

  • Presentation of Findings: The committee presents its findings to the entire Board and the concerned governor, allowing for a response.

  • Vote for Removal: A transparent, democratic vote by the Board, excluding the governor in question. A ¾ majority is required for removal.

  • Appeal Process: An option for the governor to appeal the decision, reviewed by the Crusade Council for fairness.

Table of Contents

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