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This founding council, serving a five-year term commencing January 1st, 2025, is charged with crafting the Crusade’s Constitutional document and establishing Crusade Protocols. These critical frameworks are designed to guide the governance, strategies, and operational methodologies of the Crusade, ensuring efforts to combat child slavery and trafficking are not only impactful but sustainable and aligned with Christian ethical standards.

Corporate Charter

The Kingdom’s Crusade operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, guided by a Board of Governors responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and governance of the organization. This board ensures adherence to the mission of eradicating child slavery and trafficking, managing resources effectively, and maintaining transparency and accountability.

Operating Structure

The Kingdom’s Crusade is an institution that will operate until the end of Child Slavery is achieved. The structure supports various divisions, including SWORD and SHIELD, to implement targeted interventions worldwide, with governance principles rooted in ethical leadership and Christian values.

Pathfinders Carry The Light

Recognizing the critical need for swift and centralized operations to tackle this pervasive evil effectively, Adel Sayegh will handpick the first generation of the Crusade Council and Board of Governors. This approach ensures the assembly of a dedicated team with the necessary expertise, commitment, and leadership to initiate impactful strategies from the outset, setting a strong foundation for the Crusade’s mission.

This inaugural group, serving a critical 5-year term, is tasked with laying the groundwork for the Crusade’s long-term success. Their selection is based on a rigorous evaluation of their ability to contribute strategically and passionately to the mission. The critical nature of their service lies in establishing operational frameworks, strategic partnerships, and mobilizing resources, setting a strong precedent for future council generations.

Official service dates begin January 1st, 2025 and end January 1st, 2030.

The Pathfinders, as the inaugural council of the Crusade, bear the crucial responsibility of drafting the Constitutional document and establishing Crusade Protocols. These foundational texts will guide the Crusade’s governance, strategies, and operations with the ultimate goal of ending child slavery and trafficking. Their work is pivotal in laying down the ethical, operational, and strategic framework that ensures the Crusade’s efforts are impactful, sustainable, and aligned with its core mission, setting a precedent for future generations and signaling the beginning of a unified global movement against this atrocity.

Constitution & Protocols

The Crusade’s Constitution is a foundational document that unites individuals under a shared mission to combat child slavery and trafficking. It outlines the principles, governance structure, and operational protocols of the Crusade, ensuring democratic participation and collective action within the body of Christ. This Constitution is designed to empower all members to contribute meaningfully to the Crusade’s goals, fostering a spirit of unity and dedication to serve the greater good and glorify God through concerted efforts to eradicate this global scourge.

Constitutional Convention: Q3 – Q4 2024

The Crusade’s Constitutional Convention is a pivotal event designed to formalize the guiding principles and operational framework of the Crusade through a collaborative and democratic process. This convention will convene leaders, members, and stakeholders from across the globe, engaging in discussions, workshops, and debates to draft a Constitution that embodies the mission’s core values and objectives. The program will facilitate the inaugural protocols, governance structures, and strategic directives, ensuring the Crusade’s effectiveness and integrity in its mission to end child slavery and trafficking.

Table of Contents

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