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The Kingdom’s Crusade’s Evangelism is a multifaceted initiative aimed at eradicating child slavery and trafficking by leveraging the power of faith, community engagement, and innovative approaches to awareness and action. Its strategic components are designed to appeal to a broad audience.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry of The Kingdom’s Crusade is a pivotal component dedicated to embedding the mission of eradicating child trafficking into the global consciousness. Guided by a team of former industry executives, this ministry effectively bridges the gap between the Crusade’s objectives and various sectors of the global economy. 

It orchestrates a range of initiatives, from public awareness campaigns to educational programs, ensuring that the message of The Kingdom’s Crusade reaches diverse audiences worldwide. Through strategic communication and community engagement, the Outreach Ministry plays a crucial role in rallying support and fostering a worldwide commitment to combat child slavery and trafficking.

Great American Revival

The Great American Revival is a transformative initiative aimed at rallying American Christians against child slavery and trafficking. 

Launching in July in Colorado Springs with a Constitutional Convention, this event will solidify the Crusade’s foundational principles through a congress of Pastors and Pathfinders. The series of events includes large-scale speaking engagements across major universities and churches, showcasing diverse Christian voices united in their faith and commitment to the cause. This movement culminates in a historic march on Washington D.C. and state capitals, demanding governmental action and funding to combat these global injustices, embodying a collective cry of “No More” to child exploitation.

Constitutional Convention and Jubilee

The Constitutional Convention and Jubilee in Colorado Springs this July marks a pivotal moment for the Great American Revival. This gathering is set to finalize the Crusade’s constitution and protocols, embodying the collective resolve against child slavery and trafficking. The event will span five days of strategic discussions, followed by a jubilant festival celebrating unity and commitment. This milestone event, documented in a documentary style, will serve as a beacon, rallying Christians nationwide towards a common cause, setting the stage for impactful actions and a historic march on Washington D.C.

Conversations With Christ

“Conversations With Christ” is a groundbreaking series of speaking events designed to inspire and engage young people and academics through heartfelt discussions about faith, success, and activism. Featuring a diverse group of influential Christians – from professional athletes and tech innovators to scientists and celebrities – these large gatherings at major universities and churches will foster open dialogue about the transformative power of Jesus Christ in their lives and the collective mission to combat child slavery. This initiative aims to bridge faith and action, empowering attendees to make a difference in the world.

Crusade War Council

The Crusade War Council is a pivotal week-long international conference uniting NGOs, government agencies, and participants in anti-trafficking efforts. It’s a strategic platform where seasoned operators and veterans collaborate to advise on essential resources and capital needs for eradicating child slavery globally. This council plays a crucial role in rallying global support, lobbying nation-states to commit to the collective fight against child trafficking, underscoring a unified, international effort to eliminate this scourge from the world.

Christmas Jubilee

This marquee family festival embodies the spirit of giving, community, and celebration, aiming to bring the warmth and happiness of Christmas to every child. Through this event, the Crusade underscores its commitment to nurturing the well-being of children worldwide, showcasing the power of collective goodwill in making a significant difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

The Christmas Jubilee Christmas Concert, a global livestream event, promises to captivate hearts and souls worldwide. Featuring a lineup of renowned Christian artists, this concert aims to spread joy, hope, and the true spirit of Christmas to all, especially to children in need. As a highlight of the Christmas Jubilee, this concert symbolizes the Crusade’s commitment to bringing light and love to the darkest corners, uniting people across the globe in celebration and support of a noble cause.

March On DC

The finale of the Great American Revival in February/March 2025 will be a monumental Mega March on Washington D.C., accompanied by 50 synchronized marches at each state capital. This historic event will feature influential Christian leaders leading a powerful demonstration of faith, unity, and commitment to ending child slavery and trafficking. It’s a call to action for the nation and a vivid display of solidarity, aiming to inspire change and engage communities across the country in this critical cause.

Media & More

The Media Operations of the Outreach Ministry are strategically designed to amplify the message of The Kingdom’s Crusade through compelling storytelling and influential social media engagement.

“Jesus Like” is a premium fashion and merchandise brand dedicated to making a difference. Offering everything from basic fashion staples like white T-shirts to hoodies and fitness fashion, Jesus Like combines style with substance. Its profits support the Crusade’s mission, blending contemporary fashion with philanthropy. This brand is for those who want to make a statement with their style and their values, proving that fashion can be both trendsetting and impactful.

“Jesus Like” is more than a fashion brand; it embodies the essence of Christian compassion and action by dedicating its profits to rescuing children from slavery. This brand represents the profound belief that the most Jesus-like act a Christian can undertake is to protect and save the vulnerable. Through every purchase, supporters not only make a fashion statement but also contribute to a greater cause, aligning their choices with their faith and making a tangible impact in the lives of children in need.

Social Media Campaigns:
Jesus Like engages celebrities, influencers, athletes, and other high-profile personalities to use their substantial social media presence for spreading awareness about child trafficking. By harnessing their wide-reaching impact, these campaigns aim to educate, engage, and mobilize a global audience, significantly increasing the visibility and support for the Crusade’s mission.


  • #WearYourFaith Challenge: Encourage followers to share photos wearing “Jesus Like” apparel, tagging the brand and using the hashtag. Highlight stories of faith, hope, and charity, linking fashion to personal testimonies.


  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with Christian influencers, athletes, and celebrities to wear and promote the brand. Their stories of faith and success can inspire followers and drive engagement.


  • Flash Sales & Giveaways: Host flash sales or giveaways for those who share their stories or tag friends, creating buzz and encouraging sharing.


  • Impact Stories: Share stories of how profits from “Jesus Like” contribute to fighting child slavery, showing tangible impacts of purchases.


  • Interactive Content: Create engaging quizzes, polls, or live Q&A sessions about fashion, faith, and the brand’s mission, encouraging participation and sharing.

KNG Publishing

KNG Publishing stands as a beacon within the Crusade, dedicated to amplifying the voices of Pathfinders, partners, speakers, and members through the production and distribution of exclusive content. With a mission deeply intertwined with the Crusade’s goals, KNG Publishing offers books and diverse content forms, pledging 10% of all proceeds to fund the Crusade’s vital mission. This strategic arm not only enriches the intellectual and spiritual landscape of its audience but also ensures a sustainable funding model to support the ongoing fight against child slavery and trafficking, making every publication a step towards liberation.


Total Budget: $1,000,000

CrusaderPath™, leveraging the innovative StoryPath™ platform from Mission 17 and Gloo, stands as a pivotal tool in the dissemination of crucial Crusade updates, inspiring survivor stories, and collective action campaigns. 

This program amplifies the reach and impact of the Crusade’s message, ensuring that 10,000 churches can seamlessly engage their congregations with not only enriching content provided by Mission 17 and partners but also critical mission-focused communications. CrusaderPath™ transforms the paradigm of community engagement, allowing churches to distribute vital information and mobilize collective action effortlessly. 

Through intuitive technology, congregations are kept informed, inspired, and ready to act, ensuring the Crusade’s vision and actions are woven into the fabric of church communities nationwide. This mobile intelligence platform not only fosters individual growth and learning but also enhances collective community outreach efforts. CrusaderPath™ is more than a program; it’s a journey towards deeper faith and broader engagement, designed to meet the modern congregation where they are, with the technology they use every day.

Youth Academy

Total Budget: $1,000,000

The Youth Academy is an innovative program crafted to empower churches with access to comprehensive educational resources and financial support for events and programs, specifically tailored to nurture the young minds in their congregations. This program focuses on pivotal areas such as Leadership, Financial Literacy, Faith, and Character Building, among other core principles.

The Youth Academy aims to equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and moral framework necessary to lead a life anchored in Christian values. By providing these resources at no cost, the Youth Academy ensures that all churches, regardless of size or financial capability, have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on their youth, fostering a well-rounded development that prepares them to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom and integrity.

Table of Contents

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