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The Techno Ministries of KNG, akin to a “Skunk Works’ ‘ lab, assembles Christian scientists, engineers, programmers, and innovators handpicked through KNG’s Church Partners for Strategic Technology Development. This elite group is dedicated to pioneering advancements that empower the Crusade’s mission, leveraging cutting-edge technology to combat child slavery and trafficking. Their work embodies the intersection of faith and innovation, driving forward solutions that not only enhance the Crusade’s operational capabilities but also manifest the transformative power of Christian dedication in addressing global challenges.

Techno Ministries Budget

This budget ensures the division is well-equipped to gather, analyze, and act upon critical intelligence to combat child slavery and trafficking effectively.

Crusade Technologies (CT)

These projects include advanced encryption for secure communications, AI-driven analytics for identifying trafficking patterns, blockchain for transparent and secure data sharing, and specialized software tools for coordinating global operations. Each technology is designed to enhance the Crusade’s effectiveness in combating child slavery and trafficking, ensuring operations are smarter, safer, and more impactful. All technologies developed by the Crusade will be Open Source.

  • Decentralized Identity Verification: Secure, blockchain-based systems for verifying identities without compromising privacy.

  • Real-time Language Translation: AI-driven tools to break language barriers in global operations.

  • Predictive Analytics for Trafficking Patterns: Using machine learning to anticipate and disrupt trafficking routes.

  • Secure Communication Networks: Advanced encryption protocols ensuring mission-critical information remains confidential.

  • Autonomous Surveillance Drones: For monitoring and gathering intelligence in hard-to-reach areas.

  • Digital Evidence Management: Blockchain technology for tamper-proof storage and sharing of legal evidence.

  • AI-Agents: To detect and act upon online trafficking activity.

  • Virtual Spaces: Encrypted platforms for survivors to seek help and share information safely.

  • Hardware Devices: For sensitive operations.

  • Crowdsourcing Intelligence Platform: Leveraging community insights for real-time alerts on trafficking incidents.

Blockchain Governance

The Kingdom’s Crusade, in its mission to eradicate child slavery and trafficking, incorporates cutting-edge Blockchain technologies to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency in all aspects of its operations. This governance plan outlines the strategic application of these technologies to uphold the integrity and effectiveness of the Crusade.

Blockchain Identity System:

  • Objective: To maintain a secure and verifiable digital identity for all participants, including staff, volunteers, partners, and beneficiaries.

  • Implementation: Each individual or entity involved with the Crusade will be assigned a unique Blockchain-based digital ID. This ID will be used for all interactions within the network, ensuring traceability and accountability.

  • Governance: Regular audits will be conducted to verify the integrity of the identity system. Access to sensitive information will be controlled and monitored based on role-specific permissions.


Blockchain Intelligence Network:

  • Objective: To aggregate, store, and disseminate critical intelligence securely and efficiently.

  • Implementation: Secure submission portals and data repositories will be established on the Blockchain. This will facilitate the collection and sharing of intelligence while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

  • Governance: A review committee will oversee the intelligence network, ensuring that all data is verified, relevant, and utilized in compliance with legal and ethical standards.


Blockchain Financial System:

  • Objective: To ensure transparent and accountable financial transactions.

  • Implementation: All financial transactions, including donations, fund allocations, and expenditures, will be recorded on a public ledger. Smart contracts will automate and enforce the execution of financial agreements.

  • Governance: Financial oversight will be conducted by an independent body, with regular reporting to stakeholders. The ledger will be open for audits to ensure complete financial transparency.


Data Security and Privacy:

  • Objective: To protect sensitive data while complying with privacy laws.

  • Implementation: Advanced encryption and secure access controls will be employed to safeguard data. The system will comply with global data protection regulations.

  • Governance: A dedicated team will monitor data security, conduct regular vulnerability assessments, and ensure compliance with privacy laws.

Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting:

  • Objective: To keep all stakeholders informed and involved in the governance process.

  • Implementation: Regular updates and reports will be shared with stakeholders through a decentralized platform. Stakeholders will have access to relevant data and can participate in key decision-making processes.

  • Governance: An advisory council consisting of representatives from various stakeholder groups will be established to provide guidance and feedback.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation:

  • Objective: To ensure the Crusade’s governance model remains effective and responsive to changing needs and challenges.

  • Implementation: Continuous monitoring of the governance framework will be conducted, with feedback mechanisms in place for all participants. The system will be flexible to adapt to new technologies and methodologies.

  • Governance: An annual review of the governance plan will be undertaken, incorporating feedback from stakeholders and technological advancements.

Table of Contents

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