Thank You Habibi!

With heart full of gratitude to express my deepest thanks for your dedication and support. Your commitment to our shared mission in Christ has been nothing short of inspirational. I appreciate the effort you have devoted to assisting with my writings, especially the careful review of my book. Your insights will not only enriched my work.

This journey we are on together is a testament to what we can achieve as brothers and sisters in Christ. Your willingness to stand by me, offering both encouragement and constructive feedback, has and will be a powerful reminder of the strength and unity found in our faith. The bond we have formed goes beyond business collaboration; it is a reflection of the love and fellowship that Christ himself taught us to seek.

I am truly blessed to have each of you by my side, as we continue to work towards spreading the Gospel and living out its teachings in our lives.

With deepest appreciation and blessings, 

Adel Sayegh