Mobilize Your Congregation for a Holy Cause

Embark on a transformative journey with the Crusade. By joining, your church gains access to innovative technology, enriching resources, and the KNG Youth Academy’s educational programs.

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Techno Ministries

We exclusive recruit ML, AI, Crypto, Hard Tech Pioneers, Engineers, and Programmers through Church partners


A better way to connect that simplifies engagement, optimizing the ways we learn, share, and communicate.

Youth Academy

Free resources for the youth of your church to develop leadership, financial literacy, their faith and more.

Join us, as we unite under the banner of Christ’s love, to end child slavery and trafficking. Together, we have the power to make a monumental difference, to bring light to the darkest places, and to offer hope where it’s needed most.

Stand United

Lead the Body of Christ 

Spread The Word

Speak life and sing praise

By joining the Crusade, your church becomes a beacon of hope in the fight against child slavery and trafficking. This is your invitation to stand on the front lines of faith, to wield the power of your community for monumental change.

Join the Crusade today and be part of a global movement of faith, unity, and action. Your church has the power to change lives and combat the darkness of child slavery and trafficking. Stand with us, and together, let’s make a difference in the name of Christ. Act now, for the children, for our future. Click here to commit your church to this divine mission.